Free Form Telephony

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Los papagayos by Beatriz González

Freeform Telephony?

“Free Form Telephony 4 Life!” shouts a middle-aged man.

“But, Kind sir, these words make no sense!” you shout back completely surprised and entirely confused by this sudden outburst of gibber-gabber from a seemingly mild-mannered man.

“Oh, sorry, please allow me to explain Freeform Radio is programming that allows the individual DJ near-complete control over what is played from moment to moment.

Telephony is the use of telephones.

Freeform Telephony is a daily freeform mixtape gifted to you through a combination of smartphone and wifi technology,” the man replies in a very scholarly voice.

“Interesting, but how do I receive this gift?” you ask.

“Scroll. Click. Explore. Be Free.”

The Paradox of Choice

The world of unlimited choice is well, overwhelming, this causes us to steer towards the familiar rather than stepping into the unknown.

So, we have the entire catalog of recorded music at our finger tips yet we seek out what we know. Thus, only playing our own personal collection of ‘hits’ over and over again.

I am as guilty of this as the next being, but I also enjoy continually seeking out new ‘hits’ to add to my collection.

Digital crate digging, if you will.

And, after a lifetime of experimentation in the art of the mixtape I’ve created a simple formula:

6 Female Artists +

6 Male Artists w/

6 Minutes or less per song (I often brea this rule, though) =

1 45-60 minute mixtape

In this manner, by slowly adding new music from both well established and upcoming musicians to your repartee you can experience the unknown without feeling overwhelmed.

Bottom Line

What you receive by subscribing to Free Form Telephony?

3 mixtape each week

12 fresh songs delivered daily

3 mixtape promotional video each week

3 Facebook In Instant Experiences each week with more information about the musicians and artists

1500+ song yearly archive playlist

And remember all of that is offered freely across my social media channels.

If you wish to support my family and I for only $1/month you’ll receive a weekly bonus best of Mixtape with special digital content only available to my Patrons.

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